SeaMedia will develop programming for the youth-oriented service, including discussion shows, music and documentaries relating to the interests of young people, presented in an attractive and contemporary ‘info-tainment’ style. An editorial board will ensure coverage deals with important cross border issues relating to life in the region, EU citizenship and policies.

There are three prime areas of SeaMedia work:

  • The first will develop attractive audio-visual programming for the online television service, which will offer three themed channels. These will be aimed at a target audience of 16-30 olds, an audience which increasingly draws its news and information from new rather than traditional media. The channels are to be: Music & Entertainment, Student Life & Work, Impact & Issues.
  • Secondly, the project will ensure the crossborder development of industry relevant production and media skills, through collaborative teaching, assignments, productions and placements – which will enhance the career opportunities of the young producers while creating an expanded skills base for employers.
  • Finally, the project will commission the development of an attractive, bespoke IPTV platform which will host the content service created within the project. This Video on Demand (VOD) platform will develop a high profile web presence, and a body of entertaining and informative content which, by the end of the project period, will be capable of continuing to deliver a valuable service in the long term.

The creation of a cross-border media service in the region (one which is without parallel in the commercial sector) will provide a useful, informative and entertaining service targeted at a young ‘difficult to reach’  (particularly by traditional media) audience, and enhance employment opportunities within the target group by giving real-world experience of employment and production opportunities to Media Students.

The online service created in SeaMedia will promote the common heritage of the region by addressing cultural citizenship, crossborder identity and heritage activities (including other European Union projects) as a source of content for its programming.

The SeaMedia project is managed by the University of East Anglia, based in Norwich in the UK. Other partners are the EPIC Studios, also in Norwich, HOWEST University College in Belgium, and West Flanders production company, Focus TV, and two major entertainment venues – DeKreun in Kortrijk and Le Grand Mix from Northern France.


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